Used Oil Testing

On-Site Test Kits for Used Oil


Total Chlorine, Water in Oil, Organic Chlorine in Wastewater


Federal regulation, 40 CFR 266.40 and 279.44, requires that used oil to be burned for energy recovery in any boiler or industrial furnace, must contain less than 1000 ppm total halogens (4000 ppm is the permissible limit if it can be shown that the halogens are not from a listed hazardous waste). The difference in disposal costs between non-hazardous used oil that can be burned for energy recovery, and hazardous waste that must be incinerated, is huge so testing is critical for anyone involved with generating, hauling, reprocessing, or burning used oil to comply with federal regulations.Dexsil Corp. has two options for quick, easy, on-site screening of used oil; Clor-D-Tect 1000 and Clor-D-Tect Q4000. The test kits detect all sources of chlorine in used oil whether they are volatile, non-volatile, organic or inorganic. The Clor-D-Tect kits have been assigned USEPASW-846 Method Number 9077 and ASTM Method Number D- 5384 so test results are widely accepted by regulatory authorities.

Clor-D-Tect 1000 is a semi-quantitative test that reveals if a sample contains more or less than 1000 ppm total chlorine. The Clor-D-Tect Q4000 provides a quantitative result within a range of 200 ppm to 4000 ppm. There is also a high range add-on for the Q4000 kits for results in the percent range - up to 10%. The Clor-D-Tect test kits are easy to use on-site and take only 5 minutes to run. There is also an option for those working in a laboratory to perform high precision, low detection limit work on used oil samples using Titra-Clor C or Titra- Clor P. Samples containing as little as 50 ppm chlorine, and up to 6000 ppm can be analyzed in less than ten minutes.


If your waste sample is an oil/water mixture, antifreeze, or other waste stream containing mostly water, the Clor-D-Tect test kits cannot be used. HydroClor-Q is designed specifically for screening liquid waste containing greater than 70% water such as sump or bilge water, antifreeze, or water-soluble cutting fluids. The HydroClor-Q kits quantify only organic chlorine in a range from 200-4000 ppm. Inorganic chlorine such a sodium chloride is not included in the test results. Therefore, the kits detect the presence of chlorinated solvents but will not be affected by saltwater.


Water can be an expensive contaminate in used oil. Hydroscout is a fast, accurate on-site test to quantify water content of used oil at the pick-up point before the oil is accepted for transportation to your facility, or in a laboratory setting. Hydroscout is extremely easy to use, and provides accurate results in less than 3 minutes with no messy clean-up. Hydroscout can be used to test virtually any liquid matrix, such as lubricating oils, fuels, paints, inks, solvents etc and measures all three states of water: free, emulsified, and dissolved. It has an EPA method; USEPA SW-846 Draft Method 9001. The hand-held Hydroscout meter includes programs for a variety of testing needs. For used oil there are two test ranges: 0.15% to 20% and 5% to 100%.