PCB & Chlorinated Organics Testing

PCB in Dielectric Fluid • Soil • Surface Wipes

PCB/Organic Chlorine Contamination

Dexsil's first PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) test kit, Clor-N-Oil 50, was introduced in 1983 and has become the standard for quick PCB screening of transformer oil in the field. In addition to the original 50 ppm kit, there are two other test options available: 20 ppm and 500 ppm.


A natural offshoot of the Clor-N-Oil kit is the Clor-N-Soil test for the detection of PCBs in soil. The kits are individually packaged and include everything needed to complete one test. The kits are a convenient, easy to use method for quick site characterization, or emergency response in the event of a spill. The Clor-N-Soil kits can determine if a soil sample contains greater or less than 50 ppm PCB, and take just 10 minutes to run.

If quantitative results are needed, Dexsil’s L2000DXT Analyzer System can be used to test transformer oil, soil, groundwater, or surface wipes for the presence of PCB or any chlorinated organic. The L2000DXT is an electro-chemical test method that employs the same basic chemical extraction technology as the Clor-N-Oil and Clor-N-Soil kit test kits, but rather than a fixed end-point color change, results are calculated by the L2000DXT computer and displayed in ppm (wipes samples; ug/100cm2). The field portable L2000DXT system is easy to use and offers an analysis range of 3-2000 ppm (wipes: ug/100 cm2).

Retrieving an oil sample from a transformer may sound like an easy task but quite often the oil itself is difficult to reach. Dexsil produces two types of disposable pipettes with tubing long enough to reach the oil in most transformers and thin enough to enter through the pressure relief valve. Each pipette has 12” tubing (choose flexible or rigid) connected to a bellows reservoir that can hold up to 20 ml of transformer oil. Custom length tubing is available upon request

Dexsil's Wipe Sampling Kits provide everything needed to collect surface wipe samples for laboratory GC analysis. They are designed to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination and make it easy to follow EPA sampling protocol. Each box of 8 Wipe Sampling Kits contains storage vials, forceps, 100 cm2 templates, gauze pads, vials of chromatographic grade hexane, as well as safety goggles and PCB resistant gloves to facilitate the sampling of surfaces in the field. The sampling kits also include a convenient postage paid mailer for sending collected wipe samples to Dexsil’s lab for analysis.