Bellows Pipettes - 1/4" Rigid Tubing (20 mL Bellows)

Bellows Pipettes - 1/4" Rigid Tubing (20 mL Bellows)

Transformer Oil Sampling Device

Dexsil offers two types of disposable sampling pipettes for retrieving oil from transformers. This one uses a 1/4" diameter rigid tubing and is used primarily when accessing transformer from the top. Pipette tubing comes in standard 12" (30 cm) lengths.

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1/4" Rigid Pipettes

Minimum order: 100. Larger orders must be placed in multiples of 100.

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100 pipettes $2.12   $212.00
500 pipettes $1.94 ($0.18) $970.00
1000 pipettes $1.76 ($0.36) $1,760.00

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