DEXSIL is Your PCB Aroclor Analysis Specialist

PCB Aroclor Specialist since 1985

Dexsil, Your PCB Specialist

Other labs include PCB testing in their test roster, but for accurate and prompt PCB results, DEXSIL is the best choice. We are well versed in all EPA PCB procedures, our equipment is calibrated for and dedicated to PCB testing, and our technicians have decades of PCB analytical experience.

Along with PCB testing, DEXSIL can simultaneously run other oil related tests such as total chlorine, total sulfur, and heavy metals.

PCB Analysis

Polychlorinated biphenyl, PCB is classified as a chlorinated hydrocarbon. PCB was marketed under various trade names including:

Abestol - Adkarel - Aroclor - Aroclor B - Askarel - Chlorextol - Clorphen - Diaclor - Dykanol - Elemex - Eucarel - Hyvol - Ionerteen - No-Flamol - Pyranol - Saf-T-Kuhl - Sanotherm

We can provide everything you need to collect your samples including vials, pipettes, and all shipping materials necessary, to assure that samples arrive safely. Once received, the sample is immediately logged-in to maintain chain of custody.

Our method determine and quantify PCB Aroclors as outlined in the following methods:

SoilEPA 8082
OilEPA 600/4-81-045
Surface WipeEPA 8082

Sample size should be 20mL for oil samples, and 4 oz. for soil samples.

See our PCB Analysis Products Page for our on-site environmental test kits.