Q4000 High Range Dilution Vials

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Clor-D-Tect Q4000 High Range is designed to quantify high levels of chlorine in used oil in the range of 0-10% (100,000 ppm). The Clor-D-Tect High Range can be used either onsite or in a laboratory setting to quickly determine chlorine levels before acceptance or incineration of waste occurs. This inexpensive, precise test kit, can replace time consuming and expensive bomb oxidation/ion chromatography and microcoulometric methods. Performing each test requires a Clor-D-Tect Q4000 kit and a high range dilution reagent. The user draws an oil sample using the sampling syringe provided, dispenses it into the dilution vial and mixes well. A sample is then drawn from the dilution vial, added to the Q4000 reaction tube, and the test is run according to the instructions. The result obtained with the Q4000 test must be divided by 400 in order to convert to the percent chlorine in the sample.

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Q4000 High Range Dilution Vials (Pack of 10 Vials)

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Chlorine (Halogens)
Used Oil, Organic Liquids, Solvents
Detection Methods
Quantitative Colorimetric Titration
Action Levels
0-100,000 ppm (10%)
Analysis Time
Less than 10 Minutes
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