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Our Quality Policy

Dexsil Corporation is a world leader in the manufacture of environmental test kits and is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing accurate and cost-effective products for on-site testing of environmental pollutants. Our mission is to transform complicated, time-consuming and expensive laboratory methods into easy-to-use, reliable test kits that offer our customers an economical approach to solving their analytical needs. We believe that through increased testing and awareness, the general condition of the environment will improve.

Dexsil Corp. has built a reputation in the environmental community for developing high quality test kits. We maintain our reputation as an industry leader by continually improving our manufacturing standards and employing tough quality control in all aspects of our business.


  • Supply a high quality, reliable, cost-effective, and timely product.
  • Provide high quality laboratory services.
  • Respond to customer's needs by continually developing new, innovative products.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality technical support.

Dexsil Corporation believes that quality is the responsibility of all members in the organization and is fundamental to meeting our commitments to both our customers and ourselves.


  • The customer is our most important asset. We will respond to our customer's needs and provide continual support to ensure a long-lasting relationship
  • Quality is achieved by educating all employees of their job responsibilities, supplying them with the necessary tools and allowing them to work in a positive, safe, clean environment.
  • Employee dedication to his or her tasks and a sense of well being is achieved by providing a properly managed workplace.
  • Consistent, high quality materials and timely service are obtained by working with dependable suppliers.
  • Research is our commitment to our future.
  • Set measurable objectives and review consistency with the Quality Policy.