HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - PPM Range Oil

HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - PPM Range Oil

Condition Monitoring of Lubricating Oils - Water Content

Moisture in oil is an important parameter that must be addressed when considering contaminates in lubricating and hydraulic oils. Analyses performed in the laboratory are time consuming and costly. Turnaround time for most water analyses is 1 to 2 weeks from a laboratory.  HydroSCOUT is an on-site test that quantifies water in industrial oils quickly and easily. The HydroSCOUT method incorporates the standard reaction of water with calcium hydride to produce one mole of hydrogen for every mole of water. Hydroscout results are reported in ug/mL. To convert to parts per million, simply divide your results by the specific gravity of the oil sample. 

HydroSCOUT Meter
PPM Range
The hand-held HydroSCOUT meter is menu driven for ease of use.  The unit auto-calibrates and performs quality control checks to minimize false negatives and ensure accuracy. Using a 5 mL oil sample, results in the ppm range are possible from 50 ppm (MDL) to 10,000 ppm.  

PPM Range Reagents
HydroSCOUT reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for safe, accurate, consistent results.  The reagents are available by boxes of 40 or cases of 160 tests.

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Product Details

Organic Liquids
Detection Methods
Calcium Hydride Reaction
Action Levels
50 ppm -10,000 ppm
Analysis Time
Approx. 3 minutes
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