You Supply the Sample; DEXSIL will Handle the Rest


Our sample mailers provide everything you need to send us your samples including vials, labels, Chain of Custody forms, and all shipping materials necessary.

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Retrieving A Sample

Retrieving an oil sample from a transformer may sound like an easy task but quite often the oil itself is difficult to reach.

Dexsil produces two types of disposable pipettes with tubing long enough to reach the oil in most transformers and thin enough to enter through the pressure relief valve. Each pipette has 12” tubing connected to a bellows reservoir that can hold up to 20 ml of transformer oil. Custom length tubing is available upon request.

Dexsil's Wipe Sampling Kits

This kit provides everything needed to collect surface wipe samples for PCB analysis. They are designed to eliminate any chance of cross-contamination and make it easy to follow EPA sampling protocol.

Each box of 8 Wipe Sampling Kits Includes:

  • Sample Vials
  • forceps
  • 100 cm2 templates
  • gauze pads

  • vials of chromatographic grade hexane
  • safety goggles
  • PCB resistant gloves
  • The sampling kits also include a return mailer for sending collected wipe samples to Dexsil’s certified lab for analysis.