HydroSCOUT® Oil Reagents - PPM Range

HydroSCOUT® Oil Reagents - PPM Range

All reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for safe, accurate and consistent results. Analysis time is less than 10 minutes utilizing a sampling syringe, one test tube and one breakable ampule. Each test comes with a disposal ampule that allows easy disposal of used tests in normal waste. This environmentally safe test kit comes packaged with 40 tests per box.

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HydroSCOUT ® Oil Reagents - PPM Range

Minimum order: 40. Larger orders must be placed in multiples of 40.

Qty Price/Unit Discount Subtotal
40 Tests $5.62   $224.80
160 Tests $4.87 ($0.75) $779.20
800 Tests $4.50 ($1.12) $3,600.00
1600 Tests $4.23 ($1.39) $6,768.00

Product Details

Organic Liquids
Detection Methods
Calcium Hydride Reaction
Action Levels
50-10,000 ppm
Analysis Time
Less than 10 minutes
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