Industrial Oil Monitoring & Paint Testing

Condition Monitoring of Industrial Oils


Moisture, Total Base Number, Total Acid Number

Preventive maintenance of engines, turbines, pumps and hydraulic equipment is much easier to talk about than to implement. Analysis of lubricating fluids historically involves difficult testing that must be performed in a laboratory at considerable cost, with time lost waiting for results.


Dexsil's Titra-Lube TAN and Titra-Lube TBN test kits are designed to be easy to use by technical or non-technical personnel and provide accurate, reliable data on-site in just 5 minutes. The test reagents contain no F series solvents and are all premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for consistent results. Oil color does not interfere with the tests because the colorimetric endpoint is carried out in the aqueous phase. The TAN kits provide results from 0-2 TAN (mg KOH/gm sample) units and the TBN kits have a range from 0-20 TBN units (mg KOH/gm sample).


Water is a major concern in industrial oils. Too much water can cause reduce the effectiveness of lubricating oils and damage machinery causing costly breakdowns. Dexsil’s Hydroscout Analyzer System is an easy to use field test that allows for real-time quantification of water content in lubricating/industrial oils. The Hydroscout system provides results in less than 5 minutes in a range from 50 to10,000 ug/mL and compares favorably with the lab standard, Karl Fischer. The calcium hydride reagent is sealed in glass ampules for safe, consistent results, and there is no messy clean up afterward.