PetroFLAG® High Range Extract Vials

PetroFLAG® High Range Extract Vials

PetroFLAG High Range Extraction Reagents are an added dilution step used with the standard PetroFLAG reagents. Using the standard 10 gm sample with a multiplier, this system provides results from 150 ppm (MDL) to an upper range of 20,000 ppm (2%). Results up to 200,000 ppm (20%) are possible by reducing the sample size and applying the appropriate multiplier.  

NOTE: 1 mL PIPETTOR REQUIRED. (Not provided with tests but can be purchased separately.)

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PetroFLAG High Range Extraction Vials - 10 Pack

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Product Details

Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Detection Methods
Turbidimetric Development
Action Levels
150 ppm (MDL) to 20,000 ppm (2%)
Analysis Time
Throughput 1-10 samples in 15 minutes
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