HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - Percent Range Oil

HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - Percent Range Oil

On-Site Analysis for Quantifying Water in Used Oil and Other Hydrocarbon Matrixes

HydroSCOUT is a field portable test to quickly and easily quantify the water concentration in a variety of matrices, (oil, paint, solvents, liquid waste, soil, inks, etc.). For used oil, HydroSCOUT can quantify water in two ranges; 0.15% (MDL) to 20% and 5% to 100%.  Hydroscout is designed for ease of use whether at the pickup point, or in a laboratory setting, with minimal set-up and training. This method is ideal for accurately determining the true water content in used oil before acceptance or treatment. 

0.15% to 20%
Hydroscout reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for safe, accurate, and consistent results. Results are obtained within 3 minutes. The reagents are available by boxes of 40 or cases of 160 tests. 

High Range Dilution Vials for results from 5% to 100%
Testing the water content of oil from 5% to 100% requires one additional step using a premeasured dilution vial. Dilution vials are available separately and packed 12 vials per box.  

The palm sized HydroSCOUT meter is programmed to determine water content in used oil over two common ranges. "Program A" covering the range 0.15% - 20% v/v, and "Program B", using the high range dilution vials, can measure water content up to 100%. Results are displayed in volume percent on a LCD screen.  The meter is menu driven for ease of use.  The unit auto-calibrates and performs quality control checks to minimize false negatives and ensure accuracy.

Complete System Includes: Digital Hand-held Analyzer, Carrying Case, 40 Test Reagents (Program A), and one pack of 12 High Range Dilution Vials for Program B.

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HydroSCOUT ® Analyzer for Water in Oil (Percent Range) with 12 Dilution Vials

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Organic Liquids
Detection Methods
Quantitative calcium hydride reaction
Action Levels
0.15% - 20% / High Range Option: 5% - 100%
Analysis Time
3 minutes
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