L2000® PCB Surface Wipes and Test Reagents

L2000® PCB Surface Wipes and Test Reagents

PCB Test Reagents for Surface Wipe Samples for Use with the L2000DX or DXT Analyzer

The L2000DXT Analyzer System offers environmental testing versatility including PCB testing of surface wipe samples.  If waiting for laboratory results for surface wipes is not an option, the L2000DXT system can provide on-the-spot screening in just a few easy steps with results in less than 10 minutes.  This test method requires wiping an area 1000 cm2; results are provided in µg PCB/100 cm2 .  Results are not specific to any Aroclor, they are determined by extracting and quantifying the chlorine associated with PCBs.  The amount of chlorine is directly proportional to the amount of PCB. 

Collected wipe samples are extracted and reacted with a sodium reagent to strip the covalently bonded chlorine from the analyte(s) converting it to inorganic chloride.  The resulting chloride is then detected and quantified using a chloride ion specific electrode.  The L2000DXT then mathematically converts the chloride reading to the equivalent concentration  of the target analyte based on the percent chlorine associated with the analyte. Conversion programs are available for all major Aroclors and most common chlorinated solvents and pesticides.  Custom conversion programs can be built for less common analyte(s) not included in the L2000DXT menu, instructions are included in the user manual.

The usable result range is (MDL) 3 µg 100cm2 to 2000 µg 100cm2.  Results for the L2000DXT are displayed on the 7" LCD touch screen and are stored in the internal memory.  Results may also be saved to an external flash drive for easy uploading to an Excel program to make later recall and reporting quick and easy.  

In addition to test reagents, each wipe reagent pack include everything needed to collect 20 wipe samples; gauze pads, individually sealed glass ampules containing chromatographic hexane, sample vials, as well as PCB rated gloves and plastic goggles for safety. 

Note:  The L2000 wipe reagents may be used with both the L2000DX and L2000DXT analyzers.


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Chlorinated Organics, PCB
Surface Wipes
Detection Methods
Action Levels
3 µg PCB/100 cm2 - 2,000 µg PCB/100 cm2
Analysis Time
10 minutes
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