L2000® Transformer Oil Reagents

L2000® Transformer Oil Reagents

L2000DX Reagents for On-Site PCB Testing of Transformer Oil

The Oil Reagent packs for use with the L2000DX analyzer include everything needed for PCB screening of transformer oil and are available by packs of 40 and bulk packs of 200.  

Preparing an oil sample for analysis is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.  The L2000DX test method involves reacting an oil sample with a sodium reagent to strip the covalently bonded chlorine from the PCB molecule converting it to inorganic chloride.  The resulting chloride is then detected and quantified using a chloride ion specific electrode.   The L2000DX analyzer then mathematically converts the chloride reading to the equivalent concentration of the target analyte based on the percent chlorine associated with the analyte.  Conversion programs are available for the most common Aroclors and Askarel A.  Custom conversion programs can be built for less common analyte(s) not included on the L2000DX menu, instructions are included in the user manual.

The usable result range for the L2000DX is (MDL) 3 ppm - 2000 ppm.  Results are displayed on the LCD screen and printed by the on-board thermal printer.  The printed record can be customized to include project specific information such as equipment number, sample ID, technician’s name, etc.  The L2000DX also stores the test data for later recall or reprinting. 

NOTE:  This screening method is for DIELECTRIC FLUID (transformer oil) ONLY.  It cannot be used to determine PCB contamination of any other type of oil (i.e. used motor oil or other lubricants/industrial oils).  Laboratory analysis is the only option for PCB testing of lubricating/industrial oils. 

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L2000® Oil Reagents

Price: $6.95

Minimum order: 40. Larger orders must be placed in multiples of 40.

Also available in "Bulk Packs" of 200 tests. For information and pricing, please contact a Dexsil sales representative at sales@dexsil.com.





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Transformer Oil
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3 ppm - 2000 ppm
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