HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - Paints & Coatings

HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - Paints & Coatings

Types of Paint:
Oil Base
Epoxy Paints
Acrylic Sealers
Phenolic Paints

HydroSCOUT is a field portable test for quantifying water concentration of a variety of matrices; oil, paint, solvents, liquid waste, soil, inks, etc. The HydroSCOUT system can quantify water in paints/coatings in two test ranges: 0 to 15% and 15% to 100%. The HydroSCOUT system is easy to use on-site or in a laboratory setting with minimal set-up and training. This method is ideal for accurately determining the true water content in paint during quality control checks. 

HydroSCOUT METER (Program G)
The palm sized HydroSCOUT meter is menu driven for ease of use; it auto-calibrates and performs quality control checks to ensure accurate results.  Water content can be quantified in paint/coatings over two common ranges:  The low range, HS-LPT, covers the range 0.15% (MDL) - 15% wt/wt, and using the available high range reagent option, HS-HPT, the analyzer can measure water content up to 100%. Results are ready within 3 minutes and are displayed in mg water on a LCD screen.


Hydroscount reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for safe, accurate, consistent results. They are available by boxes of 40 or cases of 160 tests. 

Purchase Options

HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - Option 4: Low Range 0-15%

Price: $798.00

HydroSCOUT® Analyzer System - Option 5: High Range 15-100%

Price: $798.00

Product Details

Paint & Coatings
Detection Methods
Quantitative Calcium Hydride Reaction
Action Levels
1500 ppm to 15% & 15% - 100%
Analysis Time
3 minutes
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