DEXSIL® Lead Test

DEXSIL® Lead Test DEXSIL® Lead Test DEXSIL® Lead Test DEXSIL® Lead Test
DEXSIL® Lead Test DEXSIL® Lead Test DEXSIL® Lead Test DEXSIL® Lead Test

DEXSIL® Lead Test is a sensitive field test for paint or other non-porous surfaces suspected to be contaminated with lead.  Based on the well established rhodizonate method, DEXSIL® Lead Test can be used to check for lead on painted surfaces, objects exposed to lead-containing dust, alloys with traces of lead, and any surface that will leach lead into the environment.  Each swab is a self-contained single use test configured for ease of use and precise delivery of the test reagents.  Reagents are premeasured in crushable ampules contained in a plastic tube and safety sleeve.  To insure a long shelf life, the reagents are sealed in separate ampules and only activated at the time of the test. Packaged in convenient boxes of 10 tests. This product ships for free within the continental United States.

Engineered to meet or exceed all EPA criteria for sensitivity and specificity for a surface-wipe lead test kit, the DEXSIL® Lead Test system was developed using the rigorous NIST and EPA test protocols developed for HUD properties.*

*Spot Test Kits For Detecting Lead in Household Paint: A Laboratory Evaluation, Walter J. Rossiter, Jr., Mark G. Vangel, Mary E. McKnight, Gary Dewalt, NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8621; NISTIR 6398

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DEXSIL® Lead Test

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