HydroSCOUT® Paint Reagents - Low Range

HydroSCOUT® Paint Reagents - Low Range

All of the reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for safe, accurate and consistent results. Results are obtained in 3 minutes utilizing only a sampling syringe, one test tube and one breakable ampule. Each test comes with a disposal ampule that allows easy disposal of used tests in normal waste.

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HydroSCOUT ® Paint Reagents - Low Range

Minimum order: 40. Larger orders must be placed in multiples of 40.

Qty Price/Unit Discount Subtotal
40 Tests $6.31   $252.40
160 Tests $5.48 ($0.83) $876.80
800 Tests $5.25 ($1.06) $4,200.00
1600 Tests $4.89 ($1.42) $7,824.00

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