PCB Wipe Sampling Kit

PCB Wipe Sampling Kit

PCB Surface Sampling Kit

Dexsil's Wipe Sampling Kit is conveniently packaged with everything needed to collect surface wipe samples for PCB laboratory analysis. Disposable wipe templates measuring 100 cm2 are supplied in square, rectangular, and round configurations for various surfaces. Disposable forceps, gauze wipe pads, storage vials, and individually sealed ampules of chromatographic grade hexane are provided for collecting 8 wipe samples.  The kit also includes PCB resistant gloves and safety goggles for user safety.  A chain of custody form and self-addressed postage paid mailer are included to simplify the shipping process to Dexsil's laboratory for analysis.

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PCB Wipe Sampling Kit

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Each kit contains sufficient supplies to take 8 wipe samples.



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