L2000DX Reagents - PCB WIPE KIT (LP-WIP)

L2000DX Reagents - PCB WIPE KIT (LP-WIP)
Analytes PCB's
Matrix Surface Wipes
Detection Method Electrochemical
Action Levels 2 ug PCB/100 cm2 - 2,000 ug PCB/100 cm2
Analysis Time 10 minutes
Catalog Number LP-WIP
Packaging Available by boxes of 20 tests

Field Test Instrument for Surface Wipe Analysis of PCBs .


On-Site Test Instrument for PCB Surface Testing

Dexsil has developed a wipe sampling method for the L200DX analyzer. The analysis of PCB on surfaces can now be achieved on-site in less than 10 minutes per sample. A 1000 cm2 area is wiped with a gauze pad, saturated with chromatographic grade hexane. The gauze is extracted and a sodium reagent is used to strip the covalently bonded chlorine from the PCB molecule. The resultant chloride is measured and converted by the L2000DX. Results are displayed on the LCD screen in ug PCB/100 cm2.

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