Bellows (Flexible) Sampling Pipettes (BP-FLX-01)

Bellows (Flexible) Sampling Pipettes (BP-FLX-01)
Matrix Transformer Oil
Catalog Number BP-FLX-01
Packaging Ships by boxes of 100

Sampling Device For Retrieving Oil Samples

PCB Oil Sampling Device

Dexsil offers two types of disposable sampling pipettes for retrieving oil from transformers. This one uses a 5/32" diameter flexible tubing and is made specifically for accessing oil through a pressure relief valve or through a re-sealable punched hole in the side of the transformer. Pipettes come in standard 12" (30 cm) lengths and are available in longer *custom lengths for specific applications.

*There is an additional cost for custom lengths. Please contact Dexsil for information.

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