Analytes Diesel Fuel, Biodiesel
Matrix BioDiesel
Detection Method Quantitative Acid Titration
Action Levels 0 -10 V%, 0-20 V%, 0-60 V%
MDL 0.36%
MQL 1.08%
Overall Accuracy 10% +/-MDL
Analysis Time 15 minutes
Catalog Number FM-CHK
Packaging 20 Kits to a shelf pack, 80 kits per case. Minimum order 10 kits. Orders greater than 10 kits must be in multiples of 20.

Field test kits for determining the amount of biodiesel blended with diesel fuel.

On-Site Test Kit for Quantifying All Biodiesels Blended with Diesel Fuel

FAME CHECK™ test kits are designed to quantify the amount of biodiesel blended with diesel fuel. This convenient, easy-to-use test method converts the methyl esters in biodiesel blends into free fatty acids then titrates the resulting acids. FAME CHECK™ works on all types of biodiesel regardless of source and provides quantitative results within 3 available test ranges; 0-10%, 0-20%, and up to 60%*. The kits have been designed so that a technician with minimal training can efficiently and accurately run the test. Each test kit includes everything needed to complete one test, and the reagents are premeasured and conveniently packaged to prevent measurement errors while running the test.

* A range extension add-on is available to be used in conjunction with the 0-20% kit, extending its range to 60%.

FAME CHECK™ U.S. Patent 8,709,815

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