HydroSCOUT Reagents for PAINT - LOW RANGE (HS-LPT)

HydroSCOUT Reagents for PAINT - LOW RANGE (HS-LPT)
Analytes Water
Matrix Paint & Coatings
Detection Method Quantitative Calcium Hydride Reaction
Action Levels Low Range: 1500 ppm - 15%
MDL 0.15% (wt/wt)
MQL 0.45% (wt/wt)
Interferences Ethylene Glycol / Acids
Overall Accuracy 10% +/- MDL
Analysis Time 3 minutes
Catalog Number HS-LPT-
Packaging Boxes of 40 tests

Field Test Reagents for Quantifying Water in Paint For use with HydroSCOUT Paint Analyzer (HS-MTR-)
ASTM Method D 7358-07
U.S. EPA SW-846 Draft Method 9001

All of the reagents are premeasured and sealed in glass ampules for safe, accurate and consistent results. Results are obtained in 3 minutes utilizing only a sampling syringe, one test tube and one breakable ampule. Each test comes with a disposal ampule that allows easy disposal of used tests in normal waste.

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