TitraLube TBN (TI-LUB)

TitraLube TBN (TI-LUB)
Analytes Total Base Number (TBN)
Matrix Lubricating Oils, Industrial Oils
Detection Method Quantitative colorimetric titration
Action Levels 0- 20 TBN Units (mg KOH/gm oil)*
MDL 0.6 TBN Units
MQL 1.8 TBN Units
Overall Accuracy 10% +/- MDL
Analysis Time 5 minutes
Catalog Number TI-LUB
Packaging Packs of 20 tests

Field Test Kits for Quantifying Total Base Number, (TBN), in Lubricating Oil in Diesel Engines


On-site Test Kit for Total Base Number, (TBN), in Lubricating Oils.

ASTM Method D-5984-96

Diesel engine oils can be easily tested for Total Base Number (TBN) on-site or in the laboratory by using Titra-Lube TBN. TBN is the measure of reserve alkalinity (base) added to lubricating oils to protect the engine from the corrosive effects of acids formed during the combustion of fuels containing sulfur.

Titra-Lube TBN can be used in the field or in a laboratory to accurately determine the oil's TBN level in less than 5 minutes. The test provides a colorimetric determination of TBN between 0 and 20 mg KOH per gram of sample. Oil color does not interfere with test results because the colorimetric determination is carried out in the aqueous phase.

All premeasured reagents are non-hazardous, sealed in glass ampules and contain no "F" series solvents. Each kit contains everything needed to do the analysis.

* TBN Units = mg KOH / Gram of Sample

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