Analytes Chlorine, Chlorinated Organics
Matrix Used Oil, Solvents, Organic Liquids
Action Levels 50 - 6000 ppm chloride with a precision of +/- 5%
MDL 50ppm
MQL 150ppm
Interferences Sulfur
Overall Accuracy 10% +/- MDL
Analysis Time 5 Minutes
Catalog Number TI-TRA-CC
Packaging Boxes of ten

Laboratory Test for Quantifying Chlorine in Used Oil (colorimetric end point)

NOTE: This product contains mercury, dispose of kits according to local, state or federal laws

Laboratory test for Total Chlorine in Used Oil, (Waste Oil)

If you have a laboratory available and want to obtain optimal precision in your chlorine testing, then the Titra-Clor laboratory kits may be the preferred method. The Titra-Clor kits use chemistry similar to Clor-D-Tect, but because the sample is weighed out on an analytical balance and titrated using a full scale laboratory buret, greater precision and a lower limit of detection are obtainable. Two different Titra-Clor kits are available; Titra-Clor C uses a colorimetric end point while Titra-Clor P uses a potentiometric one.

Titra-Clor covers the range of 50 ppm to 6000 ppm chloride with a precision of +/- 5%. Titra-Clor P is best utilized when an automatic titrator is available to determine the end point. Titra-Clor C can be used with simply a buret, beaker, and magnetic stirrer. This method has been proven to provide quick, accurate testing of oil samples when looking for chlorinated solvents, chlorinated pesticides or other chlorinated compounds.

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