Analytes Water
Matrix Soil
Detection Method Quantitative calcium hydride reaction
Action Levels 0.25% (w/w) - 50% (w/w)
MDL 0.25% (w/w)
MQL 0.75% (w/w)
Analysis Time Under 10 minutes
Catalog Number HS-MTR-03
Packaging Ships as single unit

Field Test for Quantification Of Water In Soil

On-Site Test Kit for Quantifying Moisture Content of Soil

U.S. EPA SW-846 Draft Method 9001

One of the last frontiers for precision agriculture is precise soil moisture testing that can be performed quickly in the field. The HydroSCOUT is a precise, palm-sized analyzer that allows irrigation schedulers, farmers, viticulturists, water conservationists, irrigation districts and state and federal water agencies to analyze any soil horizon, or the whole rooting zone specifically for soil moisture content. This information can then be used for efficient irrigation management for any crop based on the crops yield threshold, the soils allowable soil moisture depletion percentage, or a predetermined soil moisture level as in a vineyard deficit irrigation program. The HydroSCOUT test results correlate with the standard oven dry laboratory method for determining soil moisture content without the 48-hour wait.

HydroSCOUT for soil can also be used for engineering studies for soil compaction and to compensate for the amount of water in analytical samples when the analysis is based on dry weight.

Whether testing one sample or many samples, no instrument set-up time is necessary. Just extract 1 to 10 grams of soil, add 0.25 mLs of extract to the reaction tube and break one ampule. Wait three minutes, then insert the tube into the instrument and read the moisture content of the soil on the LCD. It's that quick and easy!

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